Lifting Heavy 5 Gallon Water Bottles 

Never Lift Or Store Another Bottle Again – And, Never Run Out!

What’s a “BottleLess” Water Cooler? Familiar with a “Wireless” phone? This is a “BottleLess” Cooler. XO BottleLess Water Coolers are attached to the water that’s already in your home or office. Then, the cooler purifies that water to “bottled water quality” – without the bottles. So, just think:

  • No lifting or storing the big bottles
  • No running out of water
  • No confusing bills and no deposits
  • No worry about BPA leeching

Save 90% Over Bottled Water (and 60% Over Renting Bottleless)

Buying Bottled Water Or Renting A BottleLess Cooler Is Spending Money Like It’s Water

Let’s say you have a bottled water cooler and you drink 10 water jugs per month. If they charge $8.00 per jug, that’s $80 per month. Plus, you pay rent on the cooler of about $10/month. That’s about $1,000 per year! An XO bottleLess water cooler gives you virtually unlimited pure water – but has a one-time cost of only $389-$449 (depending on the model you choose). To maintain an XO cooler costs only $49.95/year or $99.90/year (depending on how often you change the filters).

compare the cost of a bottleless cooler to a bottled water cooler to XO Water

rental contract bottleless cooler

Renting A BottleLess Cooler Is Spending Money Like It’s Water

Plus, They’ll Make You Sign A Long-Term Contract.

If you rent a bottleLess cooler from one of our competitors, you have to sign a long-term contract. Let’s say they charge you $40/month which, of course, is $480 per year. In year 2, 3, 4 and beyond get really interesting. You’ll still be obligated to pay them the $480 each year in rent. But, an XO bottleLess water cooler will cost you only $49.95/year (small to medium office) or $99.90/year (high traffic cooler) depending on how often you change the filters.

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Bottled Water: 38 Billion Plastic Bottles In Landfills Per Year

XO BottleLess Water Coolers: Zero

We hate to pour cold water on your little bottled water party, missy, bud did you know that 38 billion plastic water bottles are thrown into our landfills every year! Only a small minority of those bottles are recycled. Oh, and did you know that bottled water uses 20 million barrels of oil to make plastic water bottles every year? And, did you know we use over a million gallons of fossil fuel to deliver those bottles. You’d make the earth so much happier by using a BottleLess water cooler – and refilling a sports bottle.  The bottled water concept just does not hold water! 

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38 billion plastic water bottles in landfills per year



Beautiful Standing Commercial-Grade BottleLess Coolers

Make A Splash At The Office, With These Beautiful Coolers!

  • Pure Cold & Hot Water Instantly!
  • Child-Resistant Hot Faucet Protect Little Fingers
  • 100% Stainless Steel Cold & Hot Reservoirs Keep Your Water Pure
  • Take Your Water To Go: Big Enough Alcove To Fill Sports Bottles
  • Backup Safety Shut-Off Mechanism
  • Adjustable Cold Water Thermostats (For Those Who Like It Really Cold

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xo standing bottleless coolers

Our Countertop BottleLess Cooler Saves Floor Space

It’s Your Coffee Maker’s Best Friend

It’s only 17″ inches tall – but great for offices or homes where floor space is at a premium. Instant hot and cold pure water is ready when you are.

Push lever controls (no hands touching the faucets)
Stainless steel internal reservoirs
Easy twist-off filter changes is done in less than a minute

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