Many water companies out there – even those offering bottleLess coolers – are still require you to rent your cooler, but times have changed. There’s just no need to do it when you can purchase a high-quality bottleLess water cooler from BottleLess Direct. You’ll never pay another rental fee or buy another expensive, heavy water bottle again!

You can buy five coolers from BottleLess Direct for the same cost as renting one cooler from our competition.

Rent 1... Or Buy 5?

You can get five BottleLess Direct water coolers for the same price as renting one from our competitors! If you rent a bottleLess cooler from one of our competitors for $40/month, it’ll cost you $480 a year. In your first year alone, you’d pay them MORE than what it would cost to OWN one BottleLess Direct cooler. But, then check out the second year (and the third…). You’ll still be obligated to pay them the $480 each year in rent.

The only recurring expense with a BottleLess Direct water cooler is when you change the filters every 6 months. Changing the filters takes about 2 minutes. Is that expenses worth paying $480/year to a rental company? Compared to renting a cooler, you could buy a brand new BottleLess Direct cooler every year and still save money!

The BottleLess Cooler Rental Scam

Companies that rent bottleLess coolers typically require that you sign a 5-year lease. At $40 per month, that totals $2,400 over 5 years.

Companies that lease bottleLess coolers often “sell the paper” (your lease) to a finance company. That means the cooler representative gets paid up front. You’d make your payments to the finance company (kind of like buying a car).

What happens if the cooler company goes out of business? You’re still obligated for the payments. But, hey. they’re not in business to service your cooler.

Illustration of guy with ball and chain around his ankle next to a bottled water cooler.

Fax machine

You Don’t Rent Your Fax… Do You?

When fax machines were first introduced, companies rented them. It’s funny to think about it now because it was such a ripoff. We guess many were a little nervous about the “technology”. However, people learned that fax machines didn’t require any special skills to operate or service – only require cartridge changing – and switched to purchasing them.

The same principle applies to BottleLess Direct. Our coolers are virtually maintenance-free, so why rent them? The savings are dramatic! You could purchase multiple BottleLess Direct coolers for the same price you’d pay to rent one from our competitors!

Compared to Bottled… It’s Not Even Close!

If you have a bottled water cooler, you pay for each bottle you drink… plus rent on the cooler. Think about it: If you drink 8 bottles per month, it costs about $75 per month – or $900 per year. Over 5 years, that’s almost $5,000 dollars!

This does not include the cost of the wasted space that you need for storing the bottles, the potential cost of someone getting injured lifting the bottles, or the cost of the environmental impact.

Compare that to the cost of a BottleLess Direct water cooler over 5 years. You purchase your cooler, and then pay only $49.95 per filter change twice a year! It’s not even close!

Chart showing 90% savings from a BottleLess Direct cooler versus a bottled water cooler.

Ready To Save Money, Time, the Environment, and Your Health?

Of course you are! And BottleLess Direct is ready to to help you make it happen.

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