Bottled water hurts our environment, is terribly wasteful, is less regulated and proven no safer than municipal water. In fact, ounce per ounce, it’s more expensive than gasoline! An BottleLess Direct water cooler purifies your municipal water to bottled water quality. Just refill and reuse BPA-free bottles. It’ll make your wallet, your body and Mother Earth happy.

Chart showing that bottles for a bottled water cooler can cost over $800/year.

Wasted Money

Bottled water costs 1,000 times more than tap water. Here’s another funny thing. The #1 ingredient in soda is water. Yet, a bottle of water is more expensive than the same sized bottle of soda! That’s just crazy. Just brilliant marketing. A bottled water cooler can cost $1,000 a year.

Landfill Waste

38 billion plastic water bottles are thrown into our landfills every year! Only a small minority of those bottles are recycled. The ones that are left in landfills take 1,000 years to degrade. You’d make the earth so much happier by using a BottleLess water cooler – and refilling a sports bottle.

Large pile of discarded plastic bottles in a landfill.

Barrels of oil.

Fossil Fuels

Did you know that the main ingredient in plastic water bottles is oil? We use 20 million barrels of oil to make plastic water bottles every year. That’s energy oil to power 120,000 cars for one year AND heat 60,000 homes! This does not include the gas that is wasted delivering those bottles, which brings us to…

Transportation Pollution

We use one million gallons of gas to deliver bottled water in the USA every single year. This is obviously one of the reasons that bottled water is so expensive. We’re forgetting an important factor here – the carbon emissions from driving all of those miles. All that just to get purified tap water to your house or business.

Shipping truck billowing smoke on a packed roadway.

Guy laughing at Evian spelled backwards as 'Naive'.

Bottled Water IS Just Purified Tap Water

Even though bottled water advertising often shows beautiful, clear mountain springs, 75% of all bottled water is purified municipal water. A few years ago, Pepsi was required to modify their label to disclose that AquaFina’s “secret source” was actually plain tap water. Coke’s bottled water brand, Dasani, is the same – purified tap water. We’re not saying that the water isn’t purified. We are saying that, most likely, you’re already drinking purified tap water. Wouldn’t it be better to have your own “bottled water factory” right inside of your cooler?

Not As Pure As Advertised

The National Resources Defense Council conducted a 4-year scientific study of 1,000 brands of bottled water. After their findings, they called the report “Pure Drink or Pure Hype”. For example, 1 of 3 brands violated industry standards for chemical or bacterial contaminants!

Chart showing water purified through BottleLess Direct filtration is as pure or better than bottled brands.

Guy holding 'No BPA' Sign

BPA In Your Water

You drink bottled water because you want something more pure than tap water, right? Well, the plastic used to make the bottles contains a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is an endocrine disruptor and, in studies, has been associated with reproductive abnormalities. It has also been linked to ADHD, cancer and heart disease. Water stored in this plastic is likely to contain some amount of BPA. The BottleLess Direct water cooler’s water contact surfaces are all 100% stainless steel. This is the best material to keep your water pure and cold and free of BPA.

“Pure” Profit

The actual water in a bottle of water costs about 5 cents. Everything else goes to marketing, transportation, the bottle itself, overhead and other expenses. Why waste your time and money when you can have water that’s just as pure – maybe more so! – right in your home or office?

Chart showing massive savings from choosing a bottleLess cooler over bottled water or a rented cooler, bottleLess or bottled.

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